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  • Patronage
    Hermann Eul,
    President Intel Mobile Communications
    "Our semiconductor industry is changing at a pace that few of us have seen over the past decades. Traveling the world and meeting with customers has always educated me that innovation is happening worldwide. However, I remain convinced that some of the best innovation is happening with some of the ‘Best and the Brightest’ minds that are innovating new technologies and businesses right here in this region. Join us for the discussions, technical sharing, and networking that will help continue the leadership through ISCDG."


    André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé
    "As a key contributor to the Grenoble Microelectronics Cluster, STMicroelectronics is very pleased that the International Semiconductor Conference ISCDG will alternatively run in the great technology cities of Dresden and Grenoble. ST would like to thank the Technical University of Dresden and the whole Microelectronics Cluster of Dresden for their very cooperative approach and their European mindset in concluding this joint initiative. We are confident that this Conference will quickly achieve an international reputation and will strengthen the image of our European Semiconductor Industry. STMicroelectronics will support the Conference by producing high-level technical –paper contributions and the relevant promotion among European Semiconductor Stakeholders.”
    Jean-Marc Chéry
    Chief Manufacturing and Technology Officer
    Executive Vice President STMicroelectronics

    Steering Committee
    Simon Deleonibus, CEA LETI, General Chair
    Frank Ellinger, Technische Universität Dresden, General Co-Chair
    Gérard Ghibaudo, INP , Technical Program Chair
    Joachim Burghartz, IMS CHIPS, Technical Program Co-Chair
    Robert Weigel, U. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Head of Advisory Board
    Francis Balestra, INP, Publications Chair
    Dietmar Kissinger, U. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Publications co-Chair
    Gerhard Fettweis, Technische Universität Dresden
    Thomas Geßner, Chemnitz U. of Technology
    Patrick Cogez, STMicroelectronics
    Ahmad Bsiesy, UJF

    Advisory Board
    Alain Astier, STMicroelectronics
    Michel Brillouet CEA-LETI,
    Corrado Carta, Technische Universitat Dresden
    Roberto Gärtner, XFab
    Jean-Charles Guibert, MINATEC
    Peter Kücher, CNT-FhG
    Carlos Mazuré, SOITEC
    Wolfgang Mehr, IHP
    Thomas Mikolajick, Namlab
    Alain Schuhl, UJF
    Thilo von Selchow, ZMDI
    Helmut Warnecke, Infineon Technologies
    François Weiss, INP,
    Andreas Wild, ENIAC JU

    Technical Program Committee
    Hendrik Ahlendorf, ZMDI Dresden
    Pascal Ancey , STMicroelectronics
    Hans-Joachim Barth, Infi neon
    Marc Belleville, CEA LETI
    François Bertin CEA LETI
    Eric Beyne, IMEC
    Jumana Boussey, CNRS
    Jean Emmanuel Broquin, INP
    Andreas Bruening, ZMDI
    Isabelle Chartier, CEA-LITEN
    Cor Claeys, IMEC
    Barbara de Salvo, CEA LETI
    Renaud Demadrille, INAC
    Bernard Dieny, INAC
    Jean-Marc Fedeli, CEA LETI
    Philippe Ferrari, UJF
    Norbert Frühauf, Univ Stuttgart
    Benoit Giffard, CEA LETI
    Keith Jenkins, IBM
    Hervé Jaouen, STMicroelectronics
    Olivier Joubert, CNRS
    Anne Kaminski, INP
    Klaus-Dieter Lang, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
    Siegfried Mantl, FZ Julich
    Bernd Meinerzhagen, TU Braunschweig
    B. Michel, Fraunhofer ENAS Chemnitz
    Slobodan Mijalkovic, Silvaco
    Henri Mariette, CNRS(Néel) - CEA (INAC
    Stéphane Monfray , STMicroelectronics
    Dominique Morche, CEA LETI
    Mireille Mouis, INP
    Bich Yen Nguyen, SOITEC
    Thierry Poiroux, CEA LETI
    Gilles Poupon, CEA LETI
    Quentin Rafhay , INP
    Philippe Robert, CEA LETI
    Jeff rey Wetzel, SVTC Technologies, LLC
    Thomas Skotnicki, STMicroelectronics
    Solon Spiegel, Rio Systems
    Roland Thewes, TU Berlin
    Norbert von Thyssen, Infineon
    Claude Vauchier, CEA LETI
    Emmanuel Vincent, STMicroelectronics
    Paul Yu, UCSD
    Ehrenfried Zschech, Fraunhofer IZFP Dresden

    Publications chair
    Francis Balestra, INP and Sinano Institute

    Publications co-chair
    Dietmar Kissinger, Friedrich-Alexander, Universitat Erlangen-Nuremberg

    Exhibition co-chairs
    Didier Louis, CEA-LETI
    Georg Schmidt, GEROTRON Communication

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    Didier Louis,CEA LETI - didier.louis@cea.fr
    Pascale Caulier, Sinano Institute
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