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  • Grenoble and Dresden are the two major European Semiconductor Research, Development and Production sites.  In the preceeding editions of 2009 and 2011, the conference was named “Semiconductor Conference Dresden”. The objective of the ISCDG is to enhance the visibility of both cities international excellence.
    The 2012 ISCDG will be held in Grenoble for the first time. The venue will be alternating in Grenoble and Dresden every other year. 

    Main areas covered by the conference : Materials, devices and systems science, engineering and architectures and their characterization

    Integrated Circuit and System Design
    Mixed-signal, analogue and digital circuits and systems for high speed and/or low power consumption, adaptive power management, RF up to sub-THz, low costs, and advanced performance and density, circuits in More than Moore and Beyond Moore technologies. Manufacturing challenges (cost and cycle time reduction, test, wafer –prime - production.etc..)

    More Moore and Beyond Moore Devices Technologies and Architectures
    Ultimate CMOS (Silicon and Strained IV-IV alloys on insulator, multi-gate and channels transistors, III-V channels), nanowires; Thin films dielectrics: High-K and Low-K; nano-materials; Beyond Moore: TunFETs, carbon electronics,…

    Memory technologies
    Sand alone and Embedded Memory Technologies, New memory technologies: RRAMs, CBRAMs, MRAMs, 1T DRAM, …

    More than Moore technologies
    MEMS, NEMS, power devices (GaN, GaP), RF and analog passive components (MIM, filters, supercapacitors, inductances,…); Spintronics based devices; Bio sensors, BioMEMS, BioNEMS, POC devices, Implanted devices, gas sensors, chemical sensors, Imagers, energy harvesting, thermoelectricity, ...

    Interconnection and Packaging Technologies
    3-D and novel interconnects, Wire bonding, flip chip, solder replacement flip chip, under bump metallurgy, high density substrates, New packaging technologies for single chip, multi-chip, wafer level, power and stacked-die packages, Wafer bumping and thinning, …

    Optical Devices and Photonics
    Optical component assemblies, electro-optical modules, waveguides, silicon based photonic devices, organic devices, optical materials

    Organic and flexible electronics
    polymer and organic, ink-jet printed electronics, organic PV and PV in organic, OLEDs, …

    Characterization, Quality and Reliability
    Electrical characterization, testing strategies and protocols, physical characterization for process development and process control. Component, board and system level reliability assessment, failure analysis, interfacial adhesion, accelerated testing and models, component and system qualification.

    Modeling and Simulation
    EDA, TCAD, electrical, thermal, thermo-mechanical, reliability, optical, modeling and simulation for devices, component and system level applications.

    Key dates

    Paper submission deadline May 17, 2012
    Paper acceptance June 22, 2012
    Deadline for early bird registration (conference and short course fees) August 31, 2012
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